Thursday, May 26, 2011

THANKS and the story behind MANUFACTURING 1

We just finished up the MANUFACTURING STOKE WORLD PREMIERE WEEKEND and it was quite an amazing ride.  I initially wanted to thank everybody involved and tell you where we are going...but rather than that, I first wanted to let you know where we have been...
(Wayne's World flashback effects and cue Foreigner's "Feels Like the First Time")
The concept of MANUFACTURING STOKE was conceived in Fall 2010 while visiting a Seaside Reef "Green Expo" and seeing recycled handplanes.  I passed this booth twice and it blew my mind.  No way, handplanes? people even bodysurf anymore?  I had to go back.  Manning the booth turned out to be none other than Ed Lewis and Kipp Denslow of *enjoy handplanes.  The sun was shining, the surf was 2-3' and I was holding in my hand a beautifully constructed handplane that was created from a recycled surfboard that was heading to the landfill.  It was completely surreal.
(Side note, what is with the term "landfill" anyway?  It's a DUMP.)
Back to the story, because it was such a beautiful day and I didn't have the heart to tell them that people DO NOT bodysurf anymore, I did enjoy chatting with them and thought well at least they have an amazing business card.  It was shaped like a mini hanplane out of a recycled cardboard box with a handprinted *enjoy logo on it.  Now that was cool.  I just figured I would see them in the unemployment line because those things would never work.  I was wrong...DEAD WRONG.
(Roll massive shorebreak and cue Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" at 11.)
I emailed Ed and told him I wanted to try out a handplane (again cheap and doubting bastard) and he got back to me and said anytime.  Throughout the next couple of weeks, the idea grew from a 10-15 minute short film to a feature length documentary on sustainability in the surf industry.  I put in a "request" that Ed and Kipp be interviewed for the film and they accepted and from that moment on I have been getting really deep barrels on the *enjoys.  We actually filmed a lot of the footage seen in MANUFACTURING STOKE from a GoPro mounted onto an *enjoy handplane.  The combination was perfect.  I didn't want anyone filming with a large camera in that mayhem.  It's too dangerous.  When things got really gnarly, I would just let go of the handplane and it would be waiting on shore for me.  I have been womping for over 30 years and can honestly say I have never been deeper and more in control while bodysurfing.  I suggest everyone go out and grab a handplane whether it be an *enjoy, a Grain, a Danny Hess or a homemade jammer.  Go get barreled.

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