Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We here at misfit pictures are excited to announce that MANUFACTURING STOKE has been released for view/download on The Surf Network (  The film is available to either view ($4.99) or download ($14.99).  We hope that if you or your loved ones have not yet seen the film, or if you just NEED to see it again, that you will take this opportunity to see the movie that was created on your behalf.

Understanding that money is pretty tight, especially around the holidays, we have tried to create some great ways to get the movie into your hands without spending too much money.  So misfit has teamed up with some of the retailers featured in MANUFACTURING STOKE to offer a FREE promo DVD (full length feature, but no extras) of our film as a gift with purchase. To see a detailed list of retailers and the deals offered please visit our website:  PLEASE SUPPORT THESE FINE RETAILERS.

And finally, misfit pictures will be giving away MANUFACTURING STOKE DVDs on our own website with the purchase of a LIMITED EDITION DAMIAN FULTON SIGNED FILM POSTER or ORGANIC/RECYCLED MANUFACTURING STOKE T-SHIRT,  Inquire about multiple DVDs to stuff all your friend’s stockings.
***misfit pictures will donate a portion of the proceeds to Rock the Autism***

We hope that everyone is excited for a holiday season full of great waves.
Happy Holidays,
Pierce and Petra Kavanagh
misfit pictures


Sunday, November 13, 2011


misfit pictures and Local Clothes have teamed up to bring you the limited edition MANUFACTURING STOKE t-shirt. Damian Fulton supplied the amazing artwork and Dan Beauchane and the crew from Local created these amazing t-shirts utilizing their eco-friendly and always creative processes. No screens, no dyes and no run-off. Collaboration at it's finest. Thanks to all involved.
T-shirts come in black or white and sizes run from S-XXL. We did a limited run so sizes and availability varies. Once they are gone, we move on. 
MANUFACTURING STOKE graphic on the front and film poster artwork on the back.  Local graphic on the sleeve.
***FREE MANUFACTURING STOKE HOLIDAY PROMO DVD with purchase***...while supplies last.
$20 + tax and shipping.



I saw a flyer for a Damian Fulton art show at SurfIndian during the filming of MANUFACTURING STOKE last winter.  His aesthetic was exactly what the film was speaking about.  I emailed him and asked him for an interview before the show.  We met up and became instant friends.  And by friends, I mean family so I asked Damian if he could just scribble out a design concept for our poster.  He told me he was extremely busy with two other projects but if I could wait a month he would have something for me.  I was willing to wait and had no idea what he would come up with.  I almost passed out when I saw the full scale film poster painting he did.  Literally, my knees buckled.  The fact that this artwork was spawned from the film was overwhelming.  Even if people didn't get the film, we always would still have this incredible artwork.  Thank you Damian.
We teamed up with whos large format prints are produced using Hewlett-Packard's Latex Print system, which offers an eco-friendly solution that addresses the sustainability of not just the final product, but the entire production process, including the manufacturing and disposal of consumables. The Latex Print system features non- toxic, water-based latex inks and recycled printheads and cartridges.
Poster prints are 22" x 28" Limited to 100...maybe 40 left.
Each poster is individually signed and number by Damian Fulton.
***FREE MANUFACTURING STOKE HOLIDAY PROMO DVD with purchase***...while supplies last.
$30 + tax and shipping