Monday, May 16, 2011

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So without further adieu, I share with you a few questions to PMK… a humble guy avoiding the limelight who just wants to shed some light (and dark) on the tumultuous system of the surfing world.— Adam “Trout” Traubman
AT: Pierce, the year is 2011. The push for eco-friendly solutions isn’t exactly new. So why did it take so long for a film like this to surface?
PMK: Good question. As surfers, we are kind of in our own little world. Let me start by saying that this is not a surf movie. Manufacturing Stoke is a documentary on sustainability in the surf industry. Yes, there is amazing surf footage, but there is way more. Surf movies these days are generally brand-driven and have team riders ripping beautiful waves all over the world. I love those movies. I have watched a million airs and deep tube rides, and I can’t wait to watch a million more. But since we (misfit pictures) don’t work for the surf industry, we do things a little differently. I guess we had the right thought at the right time and place.
You connected with a lot of individuals and companies along the way. What was the biggest surprise to you in creating Manufacturing Stoke?
The biggest surprise is how much the little guys are doing to get the ball rolling, while the big guys stand around and check their bottom line. I find it amazing that guys in their workshops are creating new designs with very little resources. In my opinion, that is where surfing started and that is where it seems to be going again.
You gave these entities a free platform to stand on and let the world know who they are and what they represent. Many shot your offer down without blinking an eye and, of that group, many were companies who preach “eco.” How does that make you feel?
I can’t take any of that personally. I mean, who am I? I approached every major surf company out there and in some cases couldn’t even get past the receptionist. The major companies have very close control over their PR and most of them wanted nothing to do with us. Cheers to the bold ones who took a chance.
Okay…that said, what transpired (if anything) just as you had imagined?
When I first looked closely into the industry, I was really inspired by certain individuals who are striving to make the future of surfing more sustainable. Getting to meet people that are reconstructing what the surf industry means to them was really refreshing. Those are the real stories that I wanted to highlight in this documentary.
This next question is pretty “vanilla” but it’s important enough where I feel the need to ask it. As the creator of this documentary, what is your ultimate goal?
PMK: I just want the film to make people think. Surfing is a $7.2 billion dollar a year industry and every time you open your wallet you should think about that. Make sure the companies you buy from follow your same beliefs. Before I did my research, I didn’t really know what was going on. Now that I know, I spend very differently.
Finish this sentence: “I hope after watching Manufacturing Stoke, you, the viewer…”
…will hold the surf industry you support to a higher level. Research where your boards, wetsuits and clothing come from. Your dollars can and will make the change. Trust me.
What’s next for PMK?
We have several different film projects that misfit pictures is going to be working on this year, but for right now I just want to go womping with my friends…who’s in?
The Manufacturing Stoke world premiere is May 21st at Bird’s Surf Shed located at 1091 W. Morena Blvd. in San Diego and all tickets will be sold in advance online at:

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